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I am a recovering yo-yo dieter and emotional eater. I chose the name of company Mindless to Mindful Nutrition because mindless means without thinking while mindful involves thought.  I feel that all of us at some time just react with a habit that we’ve learned to cope with regards to food (not thinking).  The goal is to get to the point where we think rather than react.  This is going from mindless to mindful. 

I remember my first Christmas with my husband.  I was in a new country, new job and 2000 miles from family.  We were given some chocolate and it was delicious but I could not stop eating it.  I would put it in different places, each harder to get to.  Finally I threw it in the garbage because I knew that I wouldn’t pick through the trash.  I felt out of control. 

I realized that it wasn’t the food that was the problem but the emotions that I had at the time.  When I understood how emotions affect why I eat I’m better at listening to my bodies needs and cues. There are still times when I catch myself going back into a mindless state but then I quickly revert to being mindful. 

I’ve used the same techniques that I’ve learned with my clients.  It doesn’t matter if they have a new medical diagnosis, hormone imbalance, digestive issues or want to lose weight.  When intuitive and mindful eating techniques are used my clients see success. 

Hi, I Am Joy Lynn Umphrey


I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (MDA RDN LDN).  I went to ASU  for my Bachelor of Science (dietetics), completed a distance dietetic internship through Utah State University and my Master of Dietetic Administration (MDA) through Utah State University.  I am also a licensed Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program Facilitator.

My work as a RDN ranges from large urban hospitals as well as small rural critical care hospitals, long-term care, skilled nursing facilities as well as in private practice.  I’ve seen the transformation that nutrition can make in the lives of those that I’ve worked with.  When I get comments like “you saved my life” or “I finally feel normal” or “I ovulated”.  I get excited.

Through my work experience I found my passion which is working with women from puberty throughout the lifecycle.  I have experience in PCOS, Perimenopause, Menopause, weight loss, weight gain, digestive issues, mindful and intuitive eating and body image/satisfaction. 

My philosophy is that there are no bad or good foods it’s fuel for our body.  All foods can fit into a healthy diet using moderation, balance and incorporating variety.  I use evidence-based mindful and intuitive eating practices combined with nutritional knowledge when working with clients.  This increases body image satisfaction, reduces risk of chronic disease and makes food more enjoyable.  Once food loses it’s power change happens. 

I am also co-owner of S/nRG Fitness and Nutrition where I work with Certified Personal Trainer, Sandra Gallup (one of my sisters).  We provide programs that include both fitness and nutrition to empower and strengthen our clients.

A little about my family.  My husband and I have been married over 30 years and we have six beautiful children and four grandchildren.  I had the opportunity to work along side my husband in his business working as his office manager as we raised our children.   We also have two black cats and ten chickens. 

Additional Training I've Done.

I am always trying to become a better RDN which means attending seminars and taking additional classes.  Some of the additional training that I’ve done is below:


  • PCOS Training – PCOS Nutrition Center 15 CEU
  • Women, Weight and Menopause 2 CEU
  •  Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program Facilitator Training 32 CEU
  • FODMAP Training for Health Professionals – Monash University 30 CEU

Benefits clients report after working with me.

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