Individual RD Sessions

These sessions allow you to meet one-on-one with me which allows us time to take a deep dive into the topics that you’d like to cover.
 The first visit is mostly questions and answers as we look at your medical history, family medical history, current prescribed medications, over the counter medications and supplement use.  We also discuss previous diets you tried and what has worked or things that you liked and disliked about them.  We do a detailed three day food record which allows the RD to get an idea of your eating pattern. 
We will also create an Agenda Map based on our discussion which includes all the possible nutritional goals that you would like to achieve.  We then go through those goals and decide on the most important and work on those first.  If you have a health condition such as PCOS, menopause, perimenopause, IBS, diabetes, or kidney disease we’ll work on achieving better quality of life and decreasing adverse symptoms. 
Throughout the process we’ll use mindful and intuitive eating techniques so that food no longer controls behavior.  You will re-learn how to listen to you body and meet it’s needs.  You will also learn how to better control stress and emotional eating so that you are in charge. 
All visits are done via secure Zoom, Facetime or phone.
Initial Session

60-75 minutes in length.

In this session we’ll go over the following:

  • Past/Present Medical history, medications, supplements, previous diets and food history.
  • Examine what’s worked and what has not.
  • Discuss intuitive and mindful eating techniques.
  • Discuss what client wants to achieve from RD sessions.
  • Answer questions regarding new or existing medical conditions.
  • Answer questions and/or concerns regarding health.
Investment $125.00
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Follow Up Sessions

20-30 minutes in length.

In this session we”ll go over the following:

  • Previous session  goals.
  • Discuss barriers and successes since last session.
  • Discuss new goals.
  • Answer any questions that have come up since last session.
Investment $50.00 per session.  Bulk discount packages are available.

Intuitive and mindful eating approaches can help you with the following health issues.

Emotional Eating

Balancing Hormones


Digestive Issues

Health & Wellness

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