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Intuitive and mindful eating approaches can help you with the following health issues.

Emotional Eating

Balancing Hormones


Digestive Issues

Health & Wellness

Eat-Repent-Repeat. Break the cycle.

This is a virtual 60-75 minute webinar where I introduce the concepts which will be taught in a full length Am I hungry? Mindful Eating Program.
You’ll walk away with some tools that you can use right away to identify emotional eating triggers and how to stop them.
In the webinar we’ll cover the following topic that will help you break the Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle:
  1. Instinctive Eating Cycle
  2. Mindful Eating Cycle
  3. Overeating Cycle
  4. Restrictive Eating Cycle
  5. Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle
  6. How using mindful eating techniques helps.

Diet's Don't Work

This webinar was specifically designed for girls who are between 11-18 years old.
The webinar is approximately 45 minutes in length allowing for time for questions.
I am located in Mesa, Arizona and offer this as in-person in the East Valley.  This webinar can also be done virtually.
In this webinar we cover the following concepts.
  1. Research statistics on dieting.
  2. Why diets don’t work.
  3. Hunger/fullness
  4. Intuitive eating
  5. Emotional eating
  6. Five basic food groups
  7. What happens when we start listening to our body.
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